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Welcome to Cruising Colomba! (Now Cruising Yebo)...  Home of the travelling  gypsies known as Cat, Justin, Abi and Aaron.  Please excuse the inconsistencies within the navigation of this website.  The people that host my site have made some "upgrades" and now I am recreating the site from what I had backed up and what I can remember.  Besides that they lost all of my formatting so nav bars jump around on you now.  May take me a while (years to never) to sort it all out!



What's New

  • January 2013 After 5 years of repairing Yebo & all the stuff besides, we are ready this year to once again set sail!!! We would love to circumnaviate the globe but, for now, we'll just head for the Caribbean and see how we go!

  • October 2011 Progress report

  • January 31st, 2011 - Oh happy happy day!  Back in the water she goes!  Now, for the interior...



  • moving aboard August??? fingers crossed.

  • November / December 2010 - Say what?  Yes, it is an update

  • May 2009 Log - Prime time for Yebo and a Stinkpot for us!

  • Abi's 2009 Log - Computer games, worms and elephant riding

  • February 2009 Log - Yebo update, history lesson & medieval stuff

  • January Log 2009- Happy New Year fishing!

  • Abi's Log - Abigail is excited to be keeping her own log now.  Her first entry is also about fishing!

We love to hear from our visitors!  Please feel free to contact us  The visitors' book has been disabled once again I am sorry to say, due to spammers!




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This is annoying.  The web server lost my web page for a while and I had to redo a fair bit of the site - they also reset my counter so this is only from 2010 now as opposed to 2004.  I had so many visitors too.  It was really cool to see.

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