July 2007

We took the ferry from Faial over to Pico which was very reasonably priced and quite a fast way to get over there.  We hired a car and toured the island.  There is one main road around the island which is where most of the villages are.  The volcano of Pico is quite a steep one.  We drove up some of the roads and soon realized why no one lived up there, very steep conditions indeed!  Many cattle roam the steeper areas though, so the land is not wasted.  The island was very different in plant life from the other two islands we had visited.  Here they had pine trees!  We hadn't seen any on the other islands.  We presume that the plant life is so different because the islands were formed at different times.  Who knows.  Overall the homes here were even more modest and quaint.  It really felt like you were walking back in time in Pico.  The island was apparently first settled around 1465.  It had a unique charm.