Squids 2006



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I am Abigail (aka boat monkey/princess).  I love to sail.  I love lizards and butterflies.  I can name just about every marine animal/mammal.  Boat school is going well.  I can read now!  I enjoy reading & science.  I love to draw and paint.   I like to walk, ride my bike and look for bugs and lizards.  My favorite movies are The Never Ending Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles,  Shark Tale.  I like to play Dominoes and Candyland.  My favorite food is macaroni and cheese.  My favorite insect is a butterfly.




I am Aaron (aka boat monkey/boiky).  I luuuuvve Superheroes, Dinosaurs, cars, macaroni and cheese, pizza, The Land Before Time movie, Tarzan movie and anything to do with horses.  I love to pretend!  I am a big boy now and use the potty!  I can dress myself now and put on my own shoes.  I  know some letters like, A for Aaron, S for Snake, T for Tyrannosaurus rex, P for Parasauralophus.