Squids 2005

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Coral Reef Fun

BBC Little Animals

PBS Kids

Nick Jr

Boat Safe Kids

Abigail, 4 1/2 yearsPrincess Abigail

I am Abigail (aka boat monkey). I have a little small toybox with 100,000 toys!   I love to sail.  I love to snorkel and can swim for a while without my floaty thing - it's really tiring.  I can name just about every marine animal/mammal.  I like kindergarten boat school with mom.  We make lots of cool things.  I am always drawing pictures and spend a lot of time decorating the boat (with my hair stuff and necklaces).  I like my cabin very much, especially since we are going to put the new Hello Kitty fabric on some padding for my bunk wall!  I picked out the material!  I like to walk, ride my bike and look for bugs and lizards.  My favorite movies are Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Shark Tale, Heffalump.  I like to play Candyland.


Princess Abi approves of Dad's work! I love my new bunk! Claude teaching Abi to play chess

Aaron, 2 1/2 yearsAaron and Dinos

I am Aaron (aka boat monkey).  I climb everything bigger than me. I often leap like spider man and get hurt.  I am tough though and just brush it off.  I luuuuvve Superheros, Spiderman, Superman Larryboy and am usually wearing my purple cape.  Mommy doesn't care if I wear it out which is great because I get a lot of attention for it at restaurants and parks.  I am learning to use the potty which is a real nuisance.  Mom & Dad are really excited about it though.  I just do a bit here and there to keep them happy but diapers are by far simpler for me to use!  I still love Finding Nemo and have a new fav movie, Heffalump!   I love to pretend I am a heffalump!   I also really love dinosaurs and enjoy The Land Before Time Movies.  Jurrasic Park was pretty scary though!

  Aaron is happy with his new Dragon bunk!      New Chalk/Magnet Board in kid's cabin