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March 10th, 2009

Today I will talk about what I've been doing.  Yesterday, I went out in the dingy that mom and dad got for Aaron and I.  We have been riding all around in it.  Two days ago we saw an alligator slide off a log and into the water while we were in the dingy. It was so big it took ten seconds to get all the way into the water.  I turned the boat around as quick as I could, my heart was racing.  Mom rowed us away a bit and then I took over the oars again.  We also so a turtle, which wasn't as frightening as the alligator!  I have also taken our friends Laura and Ethan for a ride.  Aaron and I were the tour guides.  Not only did we spot some wildlife, we also saw a brown shoe in the water, a red glove hanging from a tree, a green hose pipe drifting down the river and a bucket in the bushes! 

I've got my Nintendo back!!!!!!! YAY! YAY! YAY! Woohoo! yea oh sorry I do go a bit psychotic occasionally, perhaps you'd like a few tips about the nintendo games... Super Mario Bros is a good game for people who enjoy an increasing challenge, Nintendogs is for people who like wound up crazy doggies.  Gotta go everyone bye abi.     


March 2nd, 2009

This is me riding an elephant - I am in frontSorry all but I just haven't had time to write.  Anyway I have been quite excited for tomorrow.   Why you may ask, because last time the family went fishing I forgot my Nintendo game so we were almost home when I asked who had it and no one did.  Little bit of panic! So we drive all the way back and the pier is closed.  Luckily I have a wonderful Dad and he jumped the gate and it was there.  So two weeks of no Nintendo was the punishment…………not that great for me but.. oh well!  Yesterday I played a whole lot of games on this computer and today when I got back I said, "HeLlO  cOmPuTeR". Hehe funny right! Well I didn’t say it like that but hey! funny writing!  So anyway just a little tip for STARWARS fans, every Saturday there's Starwars on Spike and Cartoon Network.  So, apparently, other people had the same problem but we have little tiny tiny tiny  black worms in the shower. None of them, or us for that matter, know what they are - so yikes!  So if any viewers have little GIRLS that like computer games here's a tip:-  Google "fun games for girls" - it's all there.  All the coolest games and for Pokemon lovers, go Google to www.pokemon.com  hello hello                                                                                                                              

January 9, 2009

My names Abi like the name of my log. Just about a week ago we went to Crescent Beach, weHere's me with the fish I caught! went fishing but didn't catch anything.  A few days later we went to Flagler Beach pier, that time we caught a bunch.  I caught a sand shark.  I also caught a whiting.  My mom and my dad both caught a shark.  My mom caught a sand shark and my dad caught a bonnet head, my dad also caught a sheepshead, blue's and whitings and sharks and all sorts of fish .Today is January 9th 2009, we are dogsitting a Dachshund named Munchi owners name Sid, we had a Chua Chua named G.G. - girl getter.      

I  think fishing takes patience but its worth it in the end because it makes you happy to catch a fish even if its not big enough .Yesterday I got back to school braindead today was a lot better, I actually EARNED a good job today. Tomorrow we go to the pier again. I'm hoping to catch something good!   





Me holding Cody, a baby racoonHello all readers! I'm so sorry to those who have been checking in but I had forgotten all about my log.  May 13th my mom, my brother and I went on a homeschool meeting to the St Augustine Lighthouse.  Well I guess I haven't told you that I am boat schooled.  Well maybe I should tell you about my schoolwork!  I am in 6th grade reading and 4th grade math.  I enjoy science as it is my favorite subject.  I love reading.  I like math and I enjoy lots of games like chess, checkers, jigsaw puzzles and other kinds of puzzles.  I eat most foods like macaroni, salad, macaroni salad, spaghetti, chicken, hotdogs, mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash, oranges, grapes, tomatoes and loads more!  Well I have the flu and I have a stomach ache so I must sign off for now



I have written a song it goes like this.....

Looking across the horizon

Haven't seen nothing but skies and water

the ocean uh huh 

I got this promotion to sail the whole ocean

but now I'm regretting cause I've just been panicking alone

I want to go home now i want to go home now (repeat 2 times )

Anyway I am going to tell you about a website called Moshi monsters it is awesome!. I need to get on with my school by!