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June - July 2007

Flores was our first port of call and a very welcome break after 33 days at sea.  We were tired and ready to get off the boat.  We stretched our legs walking around the village of Lajes.  Got some laundry done at Paula's (the local restaurant/launderette/diesel shop).  Had a meal at Paula's Place, and the obligatory ice cream cone.  The people were friendly but we felt a little like we were part of a show at times as some of the locals always stood watch over the sea wall and kept an eye on us and the other boats in the anchorage.  I'm sure they found humor watching everyone trying to get in and out of the dingy after some time away from land!  We also had a braii (bbq) on the beach which was really fun. There was an area all set up for it with tables, wood for the bbq and running water.  Unfortunately, we did not get to see any other villages on the island of Flores as all the rental cars were unavailable and there weren't any buses that ran the island.  Most locals we spoke to throughout the other islands of the Azores expressed how Flores is their favorite because of it's beauty.  We did, however, get a slide show on cd of the island from the very friendly customs officer!