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 Well I can honestly say this past January was the warmest January I can remember in many years! Sure we had a couple of northers blow thru and that stunk for a day or two here and there but most of the time it was warm and sunny - I even got to don a bathing suit one day and the kids had some water play on deck.

And now, for the interesting stuff, boat jobs, boat jobs, boat jobs! The squids have a remodeled cabin, compliments of our captain/handyman. They love it as do I. We are painting in the aft cabin - nearly complete. I even got called in on this one - not because it was a huge job but because Justin is getting a bit tired. He even bought me my own mask & safety goggles. Subtle. Floors are partially finished still more varnishing to complete. Even with the unusually warm winter the varnish is taking considerable time to dry.
Kids play with new sailboats
School is going well. Abi is a brainy kid it turns out and we are moving on to 1st grade now. This has been a more challenging adjustment for the teacher than the pupil. She is reading very well and amazes me every day. Aaron is coming along in leaps and bounds and is quite the conversationalist these days.  He is fully potty trained during the day! Hoorah! Yippee! And now more storage space where the diapers were being stored! He is my boo-boo boy lately as he gets a new bruise, cut or scrape daily. I guess it's natural, but I hate the part when my heart stops beating for that second or two before I know he's okay.

Barbecue on deck

One of the things we do every 3 to 4 months is re-evaluate our storage situation. Not consciously, it just happens. We suddenly think, that should be there and this over here because that makes much more sense. It may take us 5 years but we will get things organized eventually. We have recently discovered how wondrous the vacuum sealed bags are. We kept looking for more and more stuff to shove into the bags just so we could watch it shrink to half the size! It was really cool.

Hangin around
Still to do:- install diesel tanks, varnish floors, replace salon table (we currently have no table and it's lovely and roomy but the kids are messy eaters and so we need a table), replace water maker membrane, new headliners in salon.

Already done and I will post some pictures soon:- the galley, new shower in forward head.
Baby on sailbag

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