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Okay, so it's been a while since our last update!  Apologies

A quick run down, Abi and Aaron both had a birthday!  Abi celebrated her 5th birthday with a "Princess Pony Tea Party" and Aaron had a dinosaur/Chuckie Cheese Party.  Fun was had by all.

Then we had Easter - the usual egg coloring, egg hunt and bunnies!

Installed diesel tanks, put carpet in, replaced salon table, ordered water maker membrane, made new headliners and installed them, secured all new cupboards for sea, new instrument panel.  Click here for pictures.

Now, the exciting stuff...

We are all ready for the crossing to England!  We will stop in the Azores on route. We estimate 2+/- months at sea. 

I can't speak for Justin these are some of my thoughts...

I am excited, thrilled, terrified and nervous!  I wake some mornings with panic attacks thinking, why are we doing this??!!  What if something happens?  Capsize, Pitch pole, a leak, lightning!  The Kids!  I'll just fly to England with the squids and Justin can meet us there.  Then, my rational side takes over and I calm myself down.  By mid morning I'm ready to go again.  The adventurer side of me knows this is the trip of a lifetime!  The truth is we have prepared for this and now all that remains to do is to go and see what mother nature deals us.  Being at sea for so long doesn't worry me, we will keep busy enough with sailing, reading, school work, watching movies, listening to our new MP3 players, studying the constellations, whale and dolphin watching etc - it's the fact that our odds of a storm/winds increase and the severity is what I am anxious about.  Justin and I have taken into account every conceivable safety issue and prepared the boat for the worst.  Our boat is strong and seaworthy and not anxious at all so I guess we just need to muster a bit of faith in our abilities.  Justin's Dad, Lewis, is sailing with us.  His experience and help with the kids and watches will be a great comfort and help to us.  He never gets seasick!  He has crossed the Atlantic three times!  Not to mention the extra help with watches.  4 hours on 8 off is a lot more attractive than 4 hours on and only 4 off.  I am especially looking forward to seeing whales - but at the same time I'm a bit of a scaredy cat in that respect too because I've heard stories of boats capsizing due to a whale breeching close to their boat and also an incident where a whale actually landed on someone's boat!  I guess it doesn't matter if you are sailing across an ocean, bungee jumping, parachuting out of an airplane, getting married, or becoming a parent, everything in life is a risk that you take, always becoming a little vulnerable in order to achieve new experiences in life. 


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