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The kids and I went to the Loggerhead Marine Sea Life Center.  It is a bit like a hospital for sea turtles.  They had some hatchlings we were fortunate to see as well as several older turtles that were either anemic or underweight when found.  One was injured by a boat propeller.  One little fella they named Jonah was brought in by a fisherman who caught blue runners.  Evidently one of the fish had this little hatchling for lunch and gave it back where it was found later in the fisherman's baitwell. 

The hatchlings - hawksbills



"Jezebel" - Adult female loggerhead that was hit by a boat propeller.  The photos don't show her size very well.  To give you an idea, her head was larger than Aaron's!


  "Jonah" - blue runner's would be lunch.  About the size of a large dinner plate.


"Belize "- a hawksbill turtle washed up on Florida beach from Caribbean or S America.

  All photos on this page were taken by Abi.
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