Photos taken by Nick & Merle (s/v Integrity)

Two old ducks


Colomba at anchor Allens Cay

Colomba sailing

3 Bruce Roberts boats at Blackpoint

Conch hunting

Dingy Pass Warderwick Wells

Las Olas trees

A Buick is a big car

Integrity dreaming

I did not push it too hard

Bee in flower Paradise Island

A really good desktop background!

Think he is sexy?

Pool at Atlantis

Decoration at Atlantis

Casino at Atlantis

Nassau sunset

Merle playing customs officer

Harbour control in Nassau

Indigenous flowers Blackpoint

Justin preparing to fish

Merle and kids at Staniel Cay

Okay go ahead

Susnet at Allens Cay

Trey to get the frame right

(Trey to get the sails set!)

We are passing Colomba

Nassau downtown

Hippy Horse

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