December 2004 -March 2005 

Log Book

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Our Fam

The Crew

Panama City and Florida Keys

Abigail underway.

Oh Christmas Tree

A live tree for our first Christmas on the boat.

Choo Choo

Opening presents

Abigail and "Serafina"

Santa & Aaron

Abigail & Victoria

Abigail ready for shore!

Merry Christmas Oupa

Abigail & Justin

Cat & kids

Pa Pa visits the crew

Harnessed onto the boat!

Aaron fishing

Gone Fishin!

Natalie "Nat-Nat" & Aaron

Gary & monkeys!

Susan & kids

Aunt Barbara & Kaylin visit

Aaron, Kaylin & Abigail

Kaylin & Aaron playing games

Motley Crew

Uncle John "Guy"

Dock Rat

Madi comes to play.

Mark & Amanda

Best Buds.

Justin up the mast.

Play time


Aaron throwing sand!

Dingy anchored at Shell Island

Oupa & Aaron

Free to run!

Sand Dune climbing

Fishing naked!

Aaron "in" the bunkside table

Paul from Tibbets with Justin & Lewis.

Our last morning in PC.


Watching dolphins underway from PC to Key West

Cutie pies.

Key West (Dingy behind us)

Aaron plays with his Dada.


Ready for playdate with new friend, Abigail, on Endless Summer!

Birthday Girl


Barbie Chocolate Cake

The big 4 year old!

Abigail & Abigail!


Blowing out the candles

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