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May 2009, Palatka, Fl still but now on the North dock again!

We have completed the exterior work on Yebo and she is ready for gel coating.  She was moved behind the marina workshop last week along with her mast for her make over.  It was difficult to move her as she had grown roots - only joking.  Justin covered the deck and salon area with plastic as that is not being sprayed. 
Below is a picture of Yebo after her starboard surgery of cutting, re-coring and fiberglass with a fresh splash of primer on her!

  Primer on Yebo

Don't worry, she will not be gun metal gray when we are finished with her.  The gel coat is white.  The kid's were a bit concerned about that when they saw her like this! 

The interior requires a bit more fiber glassing of cabinetry and then the new woods can go in.  The heads have been re-inforced beneath the toilets where there was some sag, they have also been sanded for gelcoating.  The swim platform has been re-inforced as it had a bit of damage and had a soft spot.  The swim steps have been fared and shaped to match (there was a little damage to starboard side).  We reinforced the starboard bow.  Counters that had been cut out before we got Yebo have been built in the galley for placement of our fridge and freezer.  The new oven and hob have not yet been installed but the counter space has been glassed for a nice fit when we get to that.  The entire interior has been sanded, some of which will be buffed and some of which will end up probably with a new gel coat.  The salon headliner has been reglued into it's original place.  The salon portlights have all been replaced.  Still new portholes to be installed but clearly that will be done after the exterior is complete.

In the meantime, we have moved aboard our new boat, a stinkpot (that's a term sailor's use for powerboats).  Our stinkpot is saving us a bundle in rent so we are quite happy.  We haven't taken her out, we have been working out a few of her kinks - water fill leak, replacement head (borrowed of course from Yebo!), installing a.c., and removing all the dirt dobbers while she was high and dry and abandoned.  She has 2 cabins and 1 head and we plan to sell her when we go.  We have already received quite a bit of interest from would be buyers so that is encouraging.  Apparently the small boats market is still doing well. 

The kids are well and thriving.  They are fishing daily on this dock as they were given a telescoping rod by a dock neighbor.  They have learned to bait their own hook and remove the fish they catch from the hook.  Quite impressive really.  They know to look for barbs etc on the fish.  We have been camping and swimming and boating with friends.  I actually swam in the river!!!  It was not around here but a bit further south in an area known locally as "The Sandbar".  It is a part of the St John's that gets really shallow on 3/4 of the river and even at high tide a bit of sandbar protrudes cross wise on the river.  There is a narrow channel that goes past the sandbar so boats can get by that area.  We swam from our boat to join lots of other boaters on the sandbar, drinking beer, listening to the sounds of Bob Marley and Alan Jackson on various boats and watching children play.  Abigail found two girls of a similar age quickly to play with and they immediately began work on sand/mud meatballs.  Aaron found 2 boys to play with and they found the muddiest part of the sandbar to sling mud at one another.  Giggling and smiling he comes back to us with mud in his hair, his ears and places I don't want to think about!  It was a really fun day out.  I was apprehensive about the river water as it looks no clearer there than it is in our marina but I did it and I did not see one alligator, whew!  I did nearly step on a blue crab though!  I had a really thorough shower that night.  We also went camping recently and swam in a lake that has a big sign "Alligators are present in this lake".  But loads of people were swimming there.  As long as there are people around they really don't bother you apparently but I made sure the kids and I weren't the furthest person out just in case.

Abi and Aaron have been doing some odd jobs for money.  They have cleaned out trucks for people, watered gardens and washed boats.  They are like their father, entrepreneurs.  They have made a bit of money and I am encouraging them to put some into savings - however they may blow it all on gumballs.  We will see.  Abi wants to get some candy with hers but to sell it to other kids around here to double her money, smart kid.  Smarter than I was.



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