October 2009

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October 2009, Palatka, Fl

Well there hasn't been much to report.  Same stuff different day for months really.  Lots of working on the boat, eat, sleep, lots of working on the boat, etc., etc., etc. 

 However, as we seem to be reaching the end of this mammoth project, I am inspired to write an update.  The interior of the boat, my domain, is starting to come together and so is very exciting to me.  As beautiful sheets of varnished cherry wood go up and shelves are installed, I can allow myself to start getting excited about it all again.  For so long we have just tried to keep ourselves motivated to "get r done" as they say.   Now, suddenly, we can see progress in leaps and bounds daily.

It is fantastic.  We would love some cooler weather to work in because it is still 94 degrees but other than that, our spirits are up.  We find ourselves talking about the next steps instead of just getting through the now.  It is lovely. 

 The constant rumors that we hear about the marina going under financially have been scary to say the least.  It is a very real possibility that this place will go belly up.  At least we can have ourselves back on our boat and easily slip down the river if that is the case in about a month's time. 

 The kids are well, growing in mind and bodies.  I really miss the toddler days.  They remind me daily that they are not babies anymore!  I am so pleased that we are having a great home schooling year.  They are clever and wonderful and I am not struggling to get them to do their work.  Pokemon cards are this year's bribery, oh, I mean to say, motivation.  Though I sometimes miss their toddlerness, this is a neat age too.  They can make their own breakfast, they ask some interesting questions, they can play rummy with me, they can help carry groceries and fill water tanks, and they make me laugh.  Today they caught baby toads and frogs.  Then they gave them to various grown-ups in the form of "open your hands and close your eyes and I will give you a big surprise".  They also brought me a huge bouquet of wild flowers that they picked because I had a headache today.  So they can be thoughtful too.  Aaron is a real chatterbox.  He starts talking when he wakes up and doesn't stop until he goes to bed.  I am not exaggerating.  It can be exhausting sometimes for the rest of us.  Abi is our evil princess; never know which one she will be for the day!  Her Halloween costume choice sums it up.  She is going to be a Star Wars Jedi Apprentice with a light saber that can be both green (for the good side) and red (for the dark side) - she really liked the idea of that.  I think it fits her personality.

The exterior of the boat has been sprayed and is now being buffed.  There are a couple of areas on Yebo's starboard to be smoothed but they are small.  The rudder had a slight crack which has now been repaired.  The cockpit bimini frame has been welded back into place.  We were able to use most of the original frame.  The trailer that Yebo currently lives on top of has been modified with the addition of a fifth axle, better tires and higher posts (in light of the discovery that we actually have 4.5ft draft and not 3.5ft as we had thought when we hauled out and skimmed out of the boat ramp). 

 The interior is coming back together which is the more exciting stuff to see in my opinion.  Beautiful sheets of varnished cherry wood are going up in the cabins.  The engine compartments and storage areas are bright and shiny with new coats of epoxy paint.  We have started making our shelves, nyda core sandwiched between 2 thin layers of fiberglass topped with varnished wood.  They are lovely and strong. We have begun some of the wiring, basically just running it through each cabin as we go.  The fridge and freezer are in their spots.  The galley counters are finished and very nice.  Soon the sink will be calked in and the oven and hob installed.   We are looking to be finished sometime in November.

 We did some horse trading and got a smaller dingy.  We love Cool Blue but she is really too heavy to take toting around the islands.  As she is a Boston Whaler, and just a wonderful boat, she should sell quickly.  Our new dingy is called "Sandollar" and is a Trinka.  She weighs about 70lbs +/-, a fourth of Cool Blue so I should be able to lift her onto the davits which will be novel.  Imagine having a car that you need your husband to back out of the garage before you can go anywhere.  Well, that is what it has been like with our previous dinghies but, no more.  She can handle a small outboard but she can be rowed as well which is something I have always wanted.  The inflatables never rowed easily.  As "Sandollar is fiberglass I will be able to row her all over various anchorages.

To the right are some photos of fish caught back in June when we were fishing the Intercoastal waterways and the Atlantic Ocean.



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Sea Trout 21"

Atlantic Spade

Mother Fish

Hammerhead Shark

Starboard side all finished