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April 17th, 2005

Nassau.  We are cruising at a snail's pace I guess but hey that's what it's all about right?!  We have met some really great people here, both cruisers and Bahamians.  As a matter of fact we met some folks from Panama City!  They are anchored in Montague Bay and we got a chance to talk to them. Turns out they were at Snug Harbor in PC and new Lewis (Jus's Dad).  Their boat is from PC but they are from Georgia.  Small world.  So, between socializing, basking in the sun, preparing the boat for the Exumas and waiting out rough sea conditions we've kept ourselves occupied!  Not to mention the catching up on our reading (v important), teaching Abi's pre-k and our new found hobby snorkeling!

We went out snorkeling in the dingy this afternoon and saw the most amazing fish.  It was like swimming in a massive aquarium.  The colors were fantastic.  Jus plans to get some photos with his underwater camera - it's not a digital one so unfortunately I won't be able to post the pics on the site.  (He already mentioned getting a digital underwater camera today though so, watch this space!) I found a beautiful conch shell for Abi which fortunately was already vacated by it's previous owner.  Now all we have to do is give it a bit of a clean up and it's a keeper!  She has been bugging us to get her a conch shell for days.  The shells here are so much prettier than P.C.'s. Sorry, but it's true.  I found a perfectly in tact 4 inch W.Indian Tun Shell (I think that's what my shell book called it).  Anyway, combing the beaches here has been a lot of fun.

Last week we explored some rock pools off Atol Island and found some really cool hermit crabs for the kids which we took home for pets.  Apparently you have to change their water twice a day or they die.  We learned that the hard way.  Oops!  The kids took it well considering.  I think I redeemed myself with the conch shell today.

We plan to go out snorkeling again tomorrow with Nick and Merle (our S African friends on s/v Integrity).  Our outing today was cut short with some rain spitting.  Packing a picnic to make a day of it.

We have tried some interesting cuisines here.  We quite like conch - which is what Justin is hoping to find tomorrow.  Not so keen on the raw conch like the Bahamians eat but rather the conch chowder and the conch fritters.  We also have some lobster tucked in the freezer for a special occasion. 

The kids are doing great.  Abi is learning to read!  She is doing wonderfully and jumps for joy when she reads a new word.  It is so great to watch her.  Aaron is potty training.  Doing rather well but we still have accidents.  He loves to pee in the ocean off the boat!  Cheeky boy.  We feed the marina fish often.  There are some beautiful Sergeant Major's, Needle fish, Dusky Damselfish and 4 Eyed Butterfly fish just in the marina!  Yep we have a fish book! 

April 25th 2005

The time has come for Colomba to cruise on.  We have exhausted all there is to do in Nassau.  Now we  are busy fueling up, stowing away, filling water tanks, provisioning, completing laundry tasks and getting ready to head out to the Exumas on Wednesday.  First stop is Allen's Cay (the famous rock iguana island).  Then a couple more stops (probably Warderwick Wells and Staniel Cay) until we make our way down to Georgetown.  I hope to update in Georgetown but there'll be no posts between here and there since the Exumas is still unspoiled by man!  Nothing but islands and reefs - we shall endeavor to not hit either!  We are happy our friends Nick and Merle from Integrity will be joining us - they are also a deep draft boat!  They plan to join us in the Rio Dulce, Guatemala for the hurricane season.

We are sad to say goodbye to the nice people we have come to call friends in Nassau.  Tina, Rick and Madison are joining us for a farewell supper of cracked conch and fish tonight.

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Fishin on the dock!

Abi tries to catch a Barracuda!

Full Moon 4/24/05