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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back in Florida and its back to humidity, afternoon showers and more humidity!  Thankfully the bugs are well taken care of by Mr Pesticide man.  We keep cool if we don’t leave the boat – which is impossible not to.  The afternoon’s are the coolest period of the day and usually we can go out for a stroll then – we just bring umbrellas in case.

Justin has been taking care of odd jobs around the boat.  The book shelf that I ordered 6 months ago has finally been delivered. Now we can open the book cupboard and not have to run for cover.  It’s no joke – books were piled and stacked up everywhere and it was a real danger opening that thing at sea – in fact we never opened it at sea. 

Justin said to me very determinedly somewhere between Norman’s Cay and Blackpoint Settlement that he would have an icemaker one day.  Well, that day came 2 days ago.  We have been keeping a close eye on the thing – for some reason, we find it much more amazing and fascinating than one on land in a regular fridge.  Besides waiting for the wonderful sound of ice falling into the little tray inside and checking it periodically to see how much ice it has made, we are making sure the thing doesn’t overheat or that the fridge doesn’t reject it – it is sitting atop the fridge and could get too warm for the fridge to work efficiently.  I am sure they will become fast friends though.  The addition of this wonderful ice maker (trivia – a guy named xxx from Appalachicola first thought of it ) has meant more counter space as well.  We are replacing the microwave for a smaller model that will draw less amperage and rearranging it to the other side of the galley.  The current micro sucks up so much power we have to turn off the a.c. to use it. 

We have more odd jobs on the schedule to name a few:-

  • Change navigation desk and sitting area so that you can actually sit there and use the space as it should be.
  • New galley counters as the wood is warped in there and beyond sanding and varnish.
  • New sink for galley – I can’t wait to have a sink my plates and pots and pans will fit in!
  • New knobs for the stove – Jus melted the old ones off – don’t ask.
  • Knock out the cupboard in our head (that sounds really funny)/bathroom!  Put a smaller sink in there with faucets and a fixed shower head.  We brush teeth in the galley now because of handheld shower pieces in the heads and no faucets. 
  • Make dining table into a drop leaf so we have more room to dance and play in the salon! V. Important.
  • Replace picture frames’ glass with plexi glass so I can actually hang up some of my favorites.  Also a good idea – will take pictures with my digital camera of my favorite, hand stitched with love from family, pictures and put them up instead of the originals (I am paranoid, with good reason, about mold and damage to anything cloth).
  • Get curtains up in Master Cabin and heads to make the pervs look elsewhere.

Other news, witnessed a truck explode the other day.  Quite horrific and terrifying as an 18 wheeler hit the divider on the bridge and exploded.  The heat was instant and intense.  We dodged cement pieces of the bridge median flying at us in the car.  Jus maneuvered around debris all over the place and got into the emergency lane a little further up.  It was a miracle we were not hurt or anyone else.  Abi was very worried, as we all were, about the man in the truck and I told her we couldn’t stop it was too dangerous for us but we could pray and we did.  Found out later the driver of the semi (who I guess lost control in the torrential rain that was bucketing down) was able to get out of the cab and was fine.  The truck, burnt to a crisp.  We are very thankful nobody was badly hurt.

Funny how everyone worries about us at sea but the most danger we’ve been in all this time away was that day on the bridge in traffic.

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