October 2005

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Hooray!  The galley is complete except for a bit of varnishing and some finishing touches.  I'll post the photos as soon as I can.  Now the forward head is getting a face lift.  Always something on a boat!

Abi helps with the galleyAaron helps too

We are getting excited about Halloween.  Abi is going as a fairy ballerina this year and Aaron as a knight.  We have already been to a couple of events and the kids have plenty of candy.  We spend our time teaching our kids NEVER to take candy from strangers and then Halloween we take them door to door to ask for it!  What a messed up Holiday.  Still it's fun and we will be trick or treating with the rest of them on Monday.

My Dad visited for a long weekend earlier this month and we took a trip to St Augustine.  Had a fun time even if we got soaked to the bone in the torrential rain.  The Spanish Fort was way more interesting than I had expected it to be.  Too much to mention here - you should just visit the place if you get a chance.  Note by the photos that apparently Abigail did not agree with me!

Me & Dad inside the ChapelDad & kids guard the Spanish FortThe courtyard

Is this where I drop my kids off?Climbing to the top of the fort wallsSoldier Guy

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Ballet Class for Halloween


Abi with twin friends Delaney and Sidney