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Friday, August 19th 2005

Hi everyone!  Not much to report but I thought I'd better make an August log anyway!  We are still sitting dockside waiting for hurricane season to be over.  I have begun reading up on the Bahamas (Abacos Islands) and the Caribbean Isles.  This year we plan to have a bit more of an itinerary than last year!  We are confident that we will not stick to it though!

We spend our days washing the bird poop off the deck, splashing in water buckets topside and trying to keep cool!  The heat index has been between 105 and 115 degrees this past month!  We have exhausted the museums in the area but have yet to explore all the parks and beaches.  Abigail has begun a ballet class for the 3 months we are here.  Justin has been doing odd jobs for other boaters.  He's mental to work in this heat but he's happy to be busy and it pays the dockage.  Only problem is, now he doesn't want to finish the floors on our own boat since nobody is paying him to do it!

The river water has us a little concerned.  There are large areas of a toxic green color that they claim is algae.  We are not so convinced when there are warnings not to hang out around it - which is a problem for us since we live on it!  A lady died from a skin eating bacteria last week after swimming in the river!  A man died of the same thing a year ago.  We are careful and do not touch the water or eat any thing from it.  Funny, we were concerned about the water pollution in Luperon, (Dominican Republic) and opted not to sit there for an entire hurricane season, now we are "safe" in the USA and entire schools are being shut down in our area because they are sitting on toxic waste land!  I guess where there is man, there is pollution unfortunately.  Take me back to the islands I say!  ARRGGHH!


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