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February 3rd 2007 - Oxford, Maryland

Brrrr!  What were we thinking??  We haven't been in cold weather for 2 years now and now that we have water instead of blood in our veins - brrrr!  It is really pretty to see the snow coming down, provided you can be inside and warm. 

We did get out and enjoy the first flakes as you can see by the pics at the right.  Abigail was made for cold climes.  She truly loves it.  Aaron tries to keep up but gets irritable because he's so cold.  Justin is a bit of wimp like Aaron - I get to take the rubbish and make any outdoor trips that need doing!  We made a snowman and had a snowball fight, that's done, bring back the sun!!

Slight problemo with our heating system.  It is a marine reverse cycle heating and air unit that relies on a seawater intake.  It would seem that it is only efficient when the water is warmer than whatever it currently is because it now blows a steady flow of cold air!  Off to the stuff mart we went.  We got three electric heaters, 2 little uns and one big un (that we all fight over), three electric blankets and a six pack of socks.  Oh yea, winter has arrived.  One morning we awoke to 36* inside!  It is becoming increasingly difficult to shower with the knowledge of the cold air that sits ready to affront you when you step out of the head.  Speaking of heads, the actual heads are like sitting on a ring of ice.  We are holding water like camels lately.

Whilst we've felt trapped on some days indoors due to weather (it's really not a blizzard out and many local people are fully functioning)  we have managed to keep ourselves occupied and been having fun too.  One day we had a party, without the birthday.  Complete with pin the tail on the donkey, bobbing for apples, punch and more.  Abigail has learned to make ham and cheese omelettes. We made a key lime pie and dreamed of Key West.  Abi suggested we put candles in the pie so we did.  We all blew it out together and made wishes!  Let's see, we've made an octopus mobile out of cardboard, painted a tea set, read lots of books and watched lots of Sponge Bob.

Making omelettes

Today is the first warmish day (maybe 40* and sunny) we've had in a while so I am doing laundry at the marina and Justin is working on some deck jobs.  The kids are trying to catch a fish but mainly just feeding the seagulls. 



Abigail celebrated her 6th birthday!  Wow, she is really such a little girl now.  No longer Mama's little baby.  She enjoyed a day of shopping and spending some time indoors with new toys.  She got one of those Bedazzler's, "As seen on tv"!  So she's bedazzled everything she could think of with rhinestones.  Unfortunately due to inclement weather, we were unable to go to Chuckie Cheese as planned.  We promised to take her out as soon as the weather improved.  She took it rather well!



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Snow Angel

Snowball fights

Frosty on the liferaft

Snowball fight

Resident Swan