October 2007

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October 2007, Palatka, Fl

Doing odd jobs around the boat the last few weeks.  Kids are making friends in the area.  We've been to some interesting places with other homeschool kids.  Getting ready for Halloween, parties, festivals and all sorts going on.

Justin and Spanish Soldier at Fort Matanzas

Kids working on earning Junior Park Ranger Badges

Kids with friends


Abi sandcastle


There is red tide along the NE coast of Florida now.  We couldn't stand more than an hour at the beach due to sneezing and coughing.  This pic is of some the dead fish we saw along the beach.  You are lucky pictures cannot carry smells!


Aaron jumping in the surf

Arrggggh, Shiver me timbers!

Beautiful Fairy Child

The terrible three

Aaron, Ryan, Abigail



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Abi and Sammy the Squirrel


Cotton Mouth or Florida Banded Water Snake- dock outside our boat.