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May 2007, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

We are still in Fort Lauderdale!  The marina moved us to a new location - in their lifting bay - so we no longer protrude too far into the river. We haven't had any more visits from the police or the DEP - thankfully.  Condo people are too far away to be annoyed by the likes of us.

Here's the update on boat jobs completed:-

  • 2 working engines

  • 2 instrument panels wired in the cockpit with idiot lights, i.e. "check oil"

  • steering cables cleaned, connected and working

  • Nav lights wired and working

  • Anchor light (Edson light wired to a battery charged via alternator)

  • 1 Anchor (Delta - our fav anchor)

  • 1 rebuilt generator - by Justin.

  • used dingy scrubbed, patched up and ready to go

  • life jackets for everyone (again)

  • Genoa sail packed on boat

  • Mast stripped and ready to be trucked to us

  • 2 manual bilge pumps

  • running water!

  • 1 ac unit running on shore power - yea!

  • 4 clean cabins

  • 2 clean heads

  • 7 clean galley cupboards

  • 1 heat shrinked porthole

  • no more salon leaks (temporary fix with some tape!)

  • crabs caught from the bilges - 1 by Migsy (we found 2 legs and a claw)!

  • Cuts scrapes & bruises- many

Not bad really for 2 1/2 months work!  Phew, I'm exhausted, this is more work than I've done in years!

Justin has made a trip up to Maryland to move Colomba to a different marina for summer.  

Occasionally we do get out and have some fun!  It isn't all work, work, work as you can see by the pics.  The kids are doing really well with their swimming.  Happily going  underwater now and doing somersaults!

We've been helping the family/owners here look after an orphaned kitten.  They are keeping her.  They found him when he was just a few days old.  They let us feed him once a day for them - not much help when you consider he eats every hour or so!  The kitten looks a bit like a skunk - all black with an orange/white strip on his head.  His name... Skunky, aka Skunky Monkey!


Skunky Monkey 10 day old kitten


We plan to make the trip to Palatka sometime this month.

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Loggerhead Marine Life  Center

Cactus flower

Abi & Aaron Nature Trail

Aaron & Cat Nature Trail

Cat Nature Trail

Abi in her element

Kids at Juno Beach

Abi diving for money

She got one!

Abi bottle feeding Skunky

Aaron feeding Skunky