June 2007

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June 2007, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

You know, we are truly blessed.  Sometimes I forget that but I just went through our marine life pages and realized how lucky we are to see all these wonderful creatures.  It doesn't matter if we are sailing or not, - as long as we are taking the time to observe the beautiful surroundings.  Our most recent creature of interest was a seahorse!  I have seen the little dead ones, in fact used to sell them at a beach/tourist shop in PC (groan) but I have never seen a live one!  It was about 2 inches long - probably full grown as they don't get much bigger than that.  We watched him scoot around the edge of a bucket for about half an hour before releasing him back to his home.  How cool is that?  


I took the kids to a "Truck Extravaganza" where they could get up close and personal with Fire trucks, Ambulances, UPS trucks and what not.  The part they seem to enjoy the most was the old means of transport - the horses! 

We took a trip to Georgia to see the family.  Had a great visit with Papa and are renewed to get back to work on the catamaran. 

Generator is now aboard!  Yippee!  Took a ramp, 3 men and a pulley system but they did it and nobody got hurt!  So glad that's out of the way.

The trip to GA enabled us to get some of our gear that we've stowed there.  However, no where to put it yet - so I'm going to build some shelves - under Justin's supervision no doubt!  We also have some cupboards that aren't being used as they are in bad condition (dirty, moldy, etc.)  I've cleaned them and cleaned them but it was all in vain and I never deemed them clean enough to use - now I'm sanding them and painting them. 

Building Butterflyhouses with PaPa Flustered Papa


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Aaron UPS truck

Abi loves horses

Aaron in a US Coast Guard Raft

Abi, Aaron & friend, Max inside delivery truck