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Monday, 2nd January 2007 - Oxford, Maryland

Back in America!  The trip to England took a full 180 degrees round about the Azores.  We  changed our minds like we often do, just to confuse our family and friends. 

The actual trip to the Azores landed us in Flores after 33 days at sea.  We spent 5 nights there and then took off for the 2 day journey to Horta on the island of Faial.  We spent some time exploring and hired a car to get around the island one day.  The people speak Portuguese and I had thought that my high school Spanish would come in handy.  Not so!  Totally different language.  Anyway, we got by as most people spoke English.  We went to an island called Pico as well.  Hired a car there for the day and explored the island.  Later we flew to Sao Miguel to head back to the States, where we picked up a souvenir from the Azores, our kitten, Miguel.  We have found each island to be unique from the last.  They all have their own charm, flora and fauna.  We were fortunate to spot dolphins and whales on the crossing.  A dream come true for me really.  Occasionally we spotted sea turtles as well.  Kept in touch with the family via the SSB and were able to send and receive emails daily which was really neat. 

Now we are in Maryland and have just celebrated Christmas!  We had the usual decorations on the boat and all was festive.   Santa was good to us! 

A new year has begun and new adventures await.  We wish you and yours a Happy New Year from Colomba!


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